Invitation for Registration

IARMA Environmental Radioactivity Proficiency Test on the Determination of Tritium in Water


IARMA Ltd will organize a proficiency test on the determination of Tritium in water at environmental levels ETRIT-PT-2021.

Target laboratories: Laboratories working in the field of analysis of tritium in water at environmental levels using liquid scintillation counting,  gas proportional counting  or mass spectrometry.

Proficiency test materials:  The PT set of samples will consist of 6 water samples spiked with tritium (from 0.1 to 1000 TU). The samples can be analyzed using Liquid Scintillation / Gas Proportional Counting or Mass Spectrometry. Certain samples might require enrichment.

The IARMA environmental radioactivity proficiency tests are conducted according to predefined criteria, for more information please refer to: PT General Procedure and Criteria for environmental radioactivity proficiency tests.

ETRIT-PT-2021 schedule:


Activity Target date
Participants registration 15 June 2021
Payment of the PT fees 15 July 2021
Sample shipment 31 August 2021
Reporting of analytical results 15 November 2021
Evaluation reports 15 December 2021
Draft of the summary report 31 January 2022

Registration: Please fill in the form below and send your purchase order to:

ETRIT-PT-2021 fees: The participation fees are £ (GBP) 850.00  plus VAT (if applicable) which includes samples, individual evaluation report, summary report, PT certificate and sample shipment.