IARMA  provides environmental matrix Certified Reference Materials (CRM) characterized for radionuclides using state-of-the-art methodologies following the requirements of ISO guides 30 to 35 and ISO 17025.

IARMA assures the highest quality of its CRMs through its specialists who possess international experience and by applying the following principles:

  • The homogeneity and stability of the CRMs are assured through dedicated homogeneity and stability studies;
  • The reference values and associated uncertainties are assigned based on measurement results of expert laboratories and validated analytical procedures;
  • The metrological traceability of the reference values to SI units is assured and a statement of metrological traceability is always provided;
  • Strong collaboration with a group of Expert Laboratories and Advisory Panel to provide an independent review of CRMs.

IARMA provides world-wide distribution and sales of certified reference materials to support measurement accuracy, method validation and quality control in radiological and environmental laboratories, in a range of sectors including:  environmental radiation monitoring of nuclear power plants, natural environmental radioactivity measurements, measurements of radioactive waste, measurements related to corrosion products of nuclear reactors and export/import control of goods.

IARMA can also provide custom-made CRMs to meet the specific needs of a customer.

Several  projects of environmental radioactivity CRMs were concluded, IARMA CRMs can be ordered here.