IARMA can provide tailor-made training courses and workshops with emphasis on  practical applications and real study cases.

IARMA Limited is proud to announce collaboration with ISSI-Inc in providing ISO 9001 Training Courses. See http://training.issi-inc.com/Content/ISO-9001.aspx   (please mention IARMA Limited)

IARMA training courses and workshops on Accreditation and laboratory quality management are designed for laboratory managers, quality assurance officers and laboratory staff responsible for the quality of analysis and/or calibrations in food, environmental, chemical, oil/gas, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

IARMA  established partnerships with several institutions in the UK and Europe. IARMA has a pool of experts and trainers to provide group tailor-made practical training on the following topics:

  • Institute of Occupational safety (IOSH) Managing Safety Course;
  • Laboratory manager training on the management and technical requirements of  ISO/IEC 17025;
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Assessor;
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Internal Auditor;
  • Determination of gamma emitting radionuclides in different matrices using gamma spectrometry;
  • Radiochemical analysis of food and environmental samples;
  • Determination of organic and inorganic contaminants in water and solid samples using AAS, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, GC-FID, GC-MS and HPLC;
  • Method validation and estimation of measurement results uncertainty in analytical laboratory (AAS, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, GC-FID, GC-MS, HPLC);
  • Method validation and estimation of measurement results uncertainty in nuclear analytical laboratory (Gamma spectrometry, radiochemistry, LSC);
  • Applied statistics for analytical laboratories;
  • Proficiency testing and proper use of reference materials;

IARMA offers also in depth training courses and workshops on radiation protection designed for workers in oil and gas industry who might be exposed to natural and/or artificial radioactivity:

  • Principles of applied personal radiation protection for the workers in the oil and gas industry;
  • On-site practical training of personnel on radiation protection regimes and interpretation of radiological data;
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Management System and its integration in the company HSE system.

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